Hope Kauffman is a natural light fine art photographer. Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Hope has called both the east and the west coast home but is now located in beautiful Whitefish, Montana & Los Angeles, CA. 

After completing her undergrad at Emerson College, Hope moved to Los Angeles to assist celebrity photographer Adam Brown. He is best known for his work with Fitness Magazine and the Jillian Michaels franchise. 

She spent a year working in Miami where she had the privilege of working under commercial and celebrity photographer Sonya Revell. 

Hope also trained in New York under world renowned fashion photographer, and her personal idol, Russell James. He is best known for shooting with his shoes off and a casual 15 years of iconic work for Victoria's Secret.  A highlight of her experience was eating pizza next to Candice Swanpoel and watching The Walking Dead with Russell. 

Hope now wanders the globe collecting stories most recently visiting Japan, Fiji, and South Africa. She can be found shooting seasonally between her hometown of the past ten years, Whitefish, Montana and sunny LA!